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Our online education offers the flexibility to learn in several ways. The Video Class Room is available online at any time. Or, if you’re on the go and prefer audio only, you can download the MP3s from the Audio Library. As an added benefit you may participate in live class filming as a part of the studio audience when the Essentials Course classes are updated. 

Learning Outcomes



The Essentials Course is designed to provide an affordable, efficient and convenient method for learning the essential topics in real estate investing. This course teaches the concepts and mechanics of real estate investment transactions from acquisition to exit in a self-paced, online learning environment.

Real Estate Marketing

• Understand the importance of branding and market placement
• Learn various marketing strategies and understand strengths/weaknesses of each strategy
• How to define and understand your target audience
• View real world examples and discuss the marketing potential with each strategy

Tax and Legal 2

• Review asset protection and tax deduction strategies
• Learn estate planning concepts and how to apply them to fit your family’s current and future needs
• Understand the tax ramifications of selling different types of property
• Learn how to structure your IRA for real estate investing
• Understanding practical applications of owning real estate, the benefits of rental real estate, considerations for maintaining business entities, and the tax implications of operating under various business structures

Self-Directed IRA

• Learn about genuine self-direction and how to use with a retirement plan (SDRPs)
• Discuss the different strategies that can be employed through self-directed investing
• Listen to students taking part in a discussion covering the various legal concerns involved with retirement plan investing
• Learn how to build more wealth by combining SDRPs to invest in real estate

Mortgage Acceleration

• Understanding the pitfalls of refinancing your mortgage
• Learn how to use lines of credit instead of loans to pay bills 
• Learn how to significantly reduce the amount of interest paid on debts
• Understand how to use lines of credit to lower principal balances

Credit Management

• Understanding the 5 key factors of credit scoring
• Learning what is a credit report and the history behind the credit industry
• Identifying the components of a credit report including personal data, accounts and trade lines, public records and inquiries
• Knowing who can view your credit report 

Real Estate Red Flags

• How to determine an investment strategy and take informed action
• Gain awareness of property analysis including due diligence and the legalities of some common investment strategies
• Understand the value of obtaining comparable sales data
• Review basic guidelines on financing, contracts, and the concept of full disclosure 

Creative Acquistions

• Creative techniques and strategies for acquiring and controlling properties
• Basic investment ownership and control terminology
• Seller motivation
• Multiple acquisition strategies - equity sharing, options, agreements for deed, wraparound mortgages, etc.

Real Estate Essentials

• Discuss the major concepts and mechanics of a real estate transaction
• Define the terminology and jargon employed by real estate professionals
• Learn how to identify which professionals to recruit when building a real estate investment business
• Learn creative strategies for purchasing or controlling properties by leveraging limited financial resources

Tax and Legal 1

• Understand the similarities and differences between various business entities
• Understand legal issues related to the “corporate veil” and learn how investors can protect themselves from a potential lawsuit
• Learn basic contract principles and typical pitfalls to avoid
• Review IRS classifications professional real estate investors
• Understand passive loss rules for investors as well the basics about auto, travel, and medical expense deductions

Deal of the Decade

• How to locate real estate deals before they are marketed 
• Understand the value of finding deals through probate and eviction
• Learn the various strategies of creative finding techniques
• Review court scenarios and discuss the various details of how to best help individuals in these situations











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