We’ve prepared ourselves for success, but we know we can’t do it alone. We believe in being inclusive and by sharing all of the in’s and out’s with the team in order to foster healthy relationships throughout the community. We are Honest, Open, and Transparent.


So that YOU can start off on the right foot with our team, outlined below are our vision, guidelines and expectations. Here's to YOUR success!


Our #1 Goal is to create a Community of Successful Real Estate Investors & Income Producing 5 Star Certified Leaders.
  • We believe in being a product of the product by becoming Investors 1st
  • We believe in becoming a community by being fully invested in one another


We embrace the Renatus Wealth Cycle model the way it was constructed, by creating a culture where real estate investing is paramount. And, by using the marketing to grow the community we create more opportunities for real estate collaborations and enhanced learning. 


Support & Accountability
  • Five Star Affiliates earn their checks! We expect 5 Star Affiliates to take care of their team members and for enrollees to hold their 5 Star Affiliates accountable
Situational Awareness
  • Everyone is cross-trained on volunteer roles - everyone plays a part in the Experience for guests
  • Dress the part - we have a business or business casual dress policy for guests and community members
  • Business etiquette - having a professional environment is vital to long-term success
  • Meeting arrival time - the adage, "being early, is on time" applies. Community members should arrive an hour before an event to ensure we have proper support for guests 
By creating a culture where people feel compelled to come back week-in and week-out, but never obligated; then never
miss a meeting, never come alone will become a reality.


Now that you know the nuts and bolts, it's time to get started! So that you can receive important communications, stay informed, and get involved, please fill out the contact information below.